Friday, April 17, 2009

My rose got a "sport"

A sport is a new rose off an existing bush.  All hybrids are susceptible to the phenom, but it is pretty rare.  I got one on an English Rose "Golden Celebration" and it bloomed this week for the first time.

I knew something was up when the bud unfurled into this evil red multi pointed star.  Eventually each of those points opened into hundreds of feathery petals.  Very unusual as Golden Celebration is a fully cupped and doubled traditional rose.  Here it looks like a chrysanthemum or daisy on crack.  IT still SMELLS like Golden Celebration, just took on a new form.  

Regardless, it is interesting and I may just contact the Huntington Library.   They have a large collection of English Roses including one called "Huntington's Hero" that was a sport from the English Rose "Hero".  Never know, maybe they'd want to propagate.  We could call it "fraz's celebration" since it sported of my plant.  Maybe, or the ego just needs to be reeled in.

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