Saturday, May 02, 2009

I love HDR on a Cloudy Day

Add a little doo-wop and you could have the chorus line to some old song with that title.   The reality is that shooting on a cloudy day when you expose for subject detail you lose your sky detail.  If you shoot for sky detail, most of your shadow areas are just too dark to have any detail.  (The lede photo is the example of what happens to a "T").

The other downfall to shooting on a cloudy day can leave you with flat contrast and subdued colors.  Not necessarily a bad thing, but if you want contrast and colors that pop for some particular reason this is not the best day for shooting with straight film or single image digital.

Shooting bracketed and using a program like Photomatix to generate an HDR File allows you to capture all the subject detail as well as the drama in the sky.  It also allows you to bring in contrast and colors with depth that otherwise is lost on a cloudy day.

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