Sunday, March 01, 2009

Night Moves and cruising

Last night I was too tired home to drive home from Hawthorne so I opted to pass the keys and sit on the passenger side for a change.  Interestingly I wasn't so tired that I couldn't fool around with the camera a bit.  

I've always loved night photo and capturing the wiggles and squiggles of light as cars drove by leaving tracers with their lights.  I've wanted to for a while to see what would happen bracketing and HDR processing when I shot from a moving car.  Now I know.  I have to admit that I like the jagged edges and range of tones available. 

Now I have to jerry-rig a tripod and remote release to do this while driving myself as I do like the results.

The image was bracketed 2 stops +/- from normal with the HDR processing in mind.  The HDR file generation was done with Photomatix as was the tone mapping.  The final image was run through virtual photographer to give it that contrasty cibachrome edge.

And finally...just for those of you who thought of the Seger and "Night Moves" based on the title enjoy the youtube clip as well.

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