Saturday, March 07, 2009

Red door and vents.

I had sometime between games at Hawthorne High last week and opted to grab the camera and do some shooting.  This door and weathered vents caught my eye.  The not quite symetrical strong horizontal vs vertical lines were attention getting.

I shot it with HDR processing in mind and glad I did.  The fine detail in the various sections that it preserved certainly helped with the impact of the final image you see here.  Sometimes I like to use HDR for the very real instead of completely surreal.   That day was one of them.

The shot itself was bracketed +/- 2 stops from average with the resulting raw files merged into an HDR file via Photomatix.  The same program was used for the tone-mapping and detail preservation.  The final image was post processed through Virtual Photographer to remove the cyan cast (it was shot in shadows picking up a lot of the sky tint in the process) and give it the look of a traditional silver based 'chrome film printed on good old cibachrome paper.  

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