Friday, March 06, 2009

face staring right at ya

A stencil artist went a bit nuts down at the old Monrovia RR station.  (Someday to be the new RR station once urban light rail is up and running in the LA area and the bigger priorities are met).  I can't get to upset with stencils being put on temporary shutters like plywood and the like.  Its a classic no harm no foul situation.  If it were in the side of someones business or fence around their home I'd have issues, but here its all temporary and adds just a wee bit of character to the otherwise barren plywood.

I shot this image with the thought of HDR post processing.  I shot it bracketed 2 stops either side of average and used photomatix for the hdr file generation from the initial raw files.  That was then tone mapped and run through virtual photographer to remove the blue cast since it was all shaded.

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