Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Man vs Nature, Biege vs color and stuff

A theme I revert to from time to time is Man vs Nature. Recently we were up in Oxnard for a Basketball Tournament and I had some spare time to wander about Rio Mesa HS campus where the tournament took place. I struck me for the first time that so many schools are boring beige and lifeless. The only color and vibrancy comes from nature surrounding the school.

What was bothersome comes from a blog I read recently from this individual who is very left of liberal. She was on a roll about schools housing children. I disagreed, "housing" implies that parents turn their kids over to the school district for warehousing and brainwashing (the comment wasn't published even though I was neither profane or rude, just disagreed). I believe schools are our partners in educating our kids, it is still the parents job to instill the values they believe are needed for them to be productive thinking adults. This warehousing and beige world bothered me. The brilliant lone green tree seemed to strike that contrast between Man, nature, home and school.

This image was shot bracketed 2 stops +/- from average. The RAW files were put through Photomatix HDR file generation. The image was then tone mapped and run through virtual photographer for that saturated other-worldly color you can only get on Cibachrome.

Enjoy "Color in a Beige World".

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