Monday, September 15, 2008

"The more you reason the less you create."

Or as another friend of mine put it "plan it too much and you are Martha Stewart". That's not a good thing. The quote in the headline is from one of my favorite writers Raymond Chandler".

Today was one of those days that went sideways early and I just rode with it. I went back down the Orton rode and dug a few pics out of hibernation on the back up drive and decided to work them in that vein. More of them on my flickr Orton set. I think this image is begging to be printed on wet watercolor paper to take it one step further into the impressionists world.

If you want the technical details on how to make them dig around here a few entries back. I've now had a full day, am lazy and ready to kick back.

Enjoy "Fisherman, Bishop Creek" one of 6 I did today.

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