Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Little revelations about myself when I least expect it

In the middle of show prep and then trying to update my profile(s) and set up a showroom on "Saatchi Online" I had a little revelation.  The old Dutch Masters were known for their brilliant skies and atmospheric drama, I just hadn't paid attention to how much it influenced what I have been doing of late.  No matter what area I explore that tends to be the common theme. Imagine that, who'da thunk that would be the pervasive item in all that I have done.  

Me and rules never were good friends.  The little discovery about myself came about when I looked at the body of work being put up on the Saatchi Online Saleroom.  Nearly everything in the last year=and-a-half has included some sort of sky drama regardless if it is done in HDR, Orton, Watercolor or a straight up photos.  

Enoy the image shot deep in the woods in Montana D'Oro State Park near San Luis Obispo this last spring.
Back to work.  Long day ahead.  With luck I can get to my website too before the Oct Show. 

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Patrizzi Intergarlictica said...

Wow! I mean, wow. I had no idea Saatchi was doing that. I never liked their agency much. They had a bad rep for shatting on their creatives. Big competition. I've got to explore this online art gallery... intriguing!

Oh, Montana Del'Oro is a beautiful place. I don't know anywhere else other than at Esalen where there is such a fragrant herbal garden overlooking the cliffs to the sea.