Saturday, February 09, 2008

Welcome to Spring!

Yesterday it was 84, today we made it to 90. I'll take it. My cousin in Minneapolis let me know it is 15 and snowy cold with -15 expected. Anyone care to guess why I stay in So Cal? I like the idea of spring in early February, not when the calender says it should happen, and certainly not May like it is in the snow belt states. I like this way much better.

I am just about done with all my winter gardening chores. After some 5 weeks of steady cold (this past January was the coldest in 30 years here) with a lot of rain storms it finally got warm again. Some of the early spring bloomers have popped up and are making their first show of things to come towards the end of March. Paper Whites are blooming, some Geraniums followed suit. The bougainvillea on the fence are all back in full color. The first blossoms on the lemon tree are showing up. (Never mind I have over 200 lemons just ripening for harvest in the next few weeks).

Enjoy the stroll through my garden. More to come as we make the final sprint to full fledged spring and everything is in its first flush of color.

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