Thursday, February 21, 2008

One of those good news, bad news weeks

The bad news is that I didn't win the Saatchi's Viewer Choice but that's OK. I have one more shot this round and it will go up in the next few days. Chances are...your guess is as good as mine on how I will fare. I did get invited back to submit for the next round of viewers choice in March and again September so I can't be that bad. In the mean time I'll just be busy, shooting meandering down the paths of greatest curiosity. It is what I do best.

The good news, is actually some pretty interesting stuff. The local PIO guy tried to make a big deal about me not being "media" or "press" a couple of weeks ago. No biggy, not like I claim to be some great writer, I do photo remember? Regardless, it backfired on him and oddly some of the bigger media picked up on the story and ran with it. The upshot is that real PIO guys and some corporations saw the article and contacted me offering me "Press Passes" and "Media Passes" as well as invitations to their events.

The first such event I got invited to one GM held Tuesday night called "Chevy Rocks the Future". It was an interesting event, LA area kids won passes in with their parents. Learned about what Chevy is doing to be the lead for the domestic makes in terms of alternative, clean burning fuels.

It was held at the Disney Lot in Burbank and was packed with a lot of the Disney TV actors, some from ABC to promote environmental issues at a kids level and what they can do. A no pressure night, a lot of fun. Then it ended with the Jonas Brothers giving a 2 hour concert.

Interesting for me was being in a press line up with some 50 or so other media members and their entourage. Then the actors were taken down the line and we got our photo ops and asked questions. I did mostly photo. I got to shoot some interesting people, hear some interesting stuff. The shooting was the best. I even got a couple to add to my HDR people moving series.

Enjoy the two pics from the event. They were shot bracketed +/- two stops. The files were then run through Photomatix HDR file generation and tonemapping programs. The final image was processed in CS2 and the virtual photographer plug in to give it a bit more illustrative look and feel.

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