Tuesday, February 12, 2008

I wrote about it a while back, but here goes. The Saatchi in London is running a Viewers Choice contest where they invite a few select artists to submit work for judging by their viewers. The winning piece when it is all said and done get's hung in a new gallery and a cash prize. The cash is nice, but the big deal for me at least on the old CV is having a piece at the Saatchi.

The piece in this round is "Lincolns Last Stand". It was shot bracketed with the intention of using HDR to capture the full range of lighting and detail yet bring about a surreal view bordering on commentary.

An auto show is a very strange event to see on a press pass (yes, the gabacho got one through his writing on blogging.la). After all the hype of a new model roll out the crowd dwindles, an odd pressman about with the car on center stage. All forlorn and not unlike a bride stood up at the alter. The interesting bit is that the MKS is what may well be Lincolns last attempt to be a player in the luxury car market before being downgraded to entry level luxury. My editorial bit, could be wrong....

The images were shot hand held and bracketed 2 stops +/- from average metering. The RAW files were post processed into an HDR file with Photomatix Pro. The same program was used for the tonemapping. After that the final image was processed with Virtual Photographer to further enhance the real/surreal qualities of an auto show.

If you like it vote for it HERE 2/11 -17/08.

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