Monday, January 28, 2008

Some HDR and a quick apology...

It has been a busy couple of weeks. Mostly because I don't know limits or moderation. What that means is I have spent the last 2 weeks pretty solidly in the garden doing the big rose pruning so they go dormant for a few months and get a chance to rest before the spring growing starts. The limits and moderation are directly related to the roses this time. All 50 of them that needed to be pruned.

Yesterday it was out doing some shooting between breaks at a basketball game. So Cal was in the final stages of a pretty wet and windy storm yesterday. I was rewarded when I would go out between games to shoot and watch the sky. Of course dramatic skies like the old Dutch Masters is something I like to do with my photography so yesterday was a perfect match.

I am continuing my exploration of movement with HDR file generation from raw images. I like the results and as I mentioned before, they have a very abstract way of giving the impression of movement that when added to a Basketball game you get some nifty results.

Enjoy the Storm series and "Ball in play"

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