Wednesday, January 02, 2008

Surreality Check...get back to work
The holidays are over and I'm finally getting some free time and get back to working through what I shot the last few months. In early November I walked through Duarte meandering about and just shooting. Interesting community, very old and busily going about reinventing itself. Among the oddities is they used ficus trees, sculpted to all look the same instead of the traditional LA Icon...the Palm to line the main boulevards.

I was out shooting with HDR post processing in mind. The goal...old timey postcard looks and a little of the "predictors" where humans are moving about.

The bracketed photo's were post processed to start with using Photomatix Pro to do the HDR generation from the RAW files then tonemapped. From there I did the final clean up with CS2 and Virtual Photographer.

Enjoy "Old Chevy Life Support" and "Bug Found on Road Alive".

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Will Campbell said...

Spectacular! The effect HDR has on the VW is to make the reflections instead look built-in like some sort of funky version of those old air-brushed paint jobs.