Friday, January 04, 2008

Catching up on the sorting and processing.

In early November I meandered about Duarte and hit the discount strip mall, you know the kind where the 99cent store is the anchor complemented by the resale shop, antique/junque store and if you are lucky beauty supply store. I spotted these gems in the dirty window and decided to work with them a bit.

Kind of forlorn were the odd bits with color on them surrounded by some old glass with the early morning sun blasting the window. I shot with HDR processing in mind knowing I could keep the deep shadow detail as well as the highlights in check. Added bonus is that it seems to cut through glare, not in an all inclusive "polarizing filter" way as it does leave some modeling highlights from the bright street to the side.

Enjoy these bits, done more real than surreal. For the techie in you...shot RAW, bracketed +/-2 stops, then an HDR file generated with Photomatix Pro. Then tonemapped with that program. Final image washing (gimme a better term if you have one) done with Virtual Photographer for an old time Kodachrome style of saturation and warmth.

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