Wednesday, February 21, 2007

Its good to run down other paths.....

Especially when its with scissors or at least the scissors icon on the old Photoshop programs. I've been thinking about interplay of color with light vs dark the last few days. I still have a few different areas of exploration and have been following the digital art again. This time around is impressionistic excerpts reinserted into an altered reality.

I do enjoy the old timey look of a Black and White photograph which is now interpreted with items removed and backgrounds altered with Optic Verve's "Virtual Photographer" . (This is a great plug-in for Photoshop that very easily emulates silver based imaging in the digital realm...and its free). The removed element is altered as well and then reinserted into the back ground. A few more tweaks and edge cleaning and voila a whole new image. Really cool and certainly beats either handcoloring black and white or making a bajillion masks that have to be aligned under the enlarger.

Today I worked on a couple of new ones following this theme. For your comments and general viewing "End of the Lime" and "Henhouse Egg Carton"

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