Tuesday, February 13, 2007

Its good to explore!

Exploring and telling what we saw is part of being human. Cavemen did it with the end of a burnt stick on a cavern wall in Lascaux, France were the first to document what they saw, modern man does it too with our art, written word...spread faster than ever before with the help of the 'net.

This mornings activity was to sort through the images I shot up on the Central Coast in and around San Simeon. A couple of them I worked into clearer (IE removed some atmospheric haze) photographs and once happy...deconstructed into my more impressionistic painterly images. The latter I continue to have more fun with, seeing some old Dutch Renaissance paintings added some clarity as to where I wanted to go with what I have been doing. Love both the the literal photograph and the impressionist so I run both directions in tandem.

For your viewing are 4 images. First two are of the Piedras Blancas lighthouse, the latter two are of the Santa Inez River Valley in Solvang taken from the Santa Inez Mission. In each set the first is a literal photograph with the next one as an impressionistic version. (In the light house version the differences are hard to 'cipher as the process of reducing size and pixels causes a lot of detail loss).

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