Tuesday, February 02, 2010

Mile Marker 37...a new personal best

Today I set out to fulfill one of my goals towards a healtier me and went for a walk. Along the San Gabriel River trail as its an easy walk with plenty to keep me visually entertained. Easy to get a quick pace going to help with the cardio and simple calorie burning, its all good.

One of the first things I spotted was the orange hazard cone in the midst of some plants and rocks. Why? Beats me but someone must know the answer, just to lazy to start making calls to the city of Duarte to find out why its there.
Along the way there was a brief icme moment where I spotted something green among all the grayed over concrete that lines the river edges. Closer inspection revealed it to be a survey marker from 1960. All these years and still undisturbed.

Mile marker 37 was a new personal best for me. Fast paced walk that was supposed to be 2 miles turned into 3 when I decided to push it a bit. Just keep moving forward to live in a healthier direction, one day at a time.

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