Friday, February 05, 2010

Its raining today...

To call it rain is a bit of a stretch. More like spitting misty stuff but I'll take it as it is good for the gardens. It also makes for a nice meander once one is all bundled up.

Today's images were worked from HDR files created from 3 RAW exposures representing normal, 2 stops over and 2 stops under-exposure. I used both Photomatix and CS2 for generating the HDR files. Photomatix did the tone mapping as I like the controls available in it better than CS2. (Someone wanna get me CS4 as I hear it really rocks for HDR work?).
I also meandered down the black and white path with one of the images. I liked the composition of the hard edged bridge against the natural slope of the mountains in the back ground. The framing accentuates the more flowing slopes of the hills in contrast to the sharp curvilinear edges of the arch on the bridge. I think I like the B&W version better as its lack of color accentuates the contrast better.

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