Saturday, August 15, 2009

Blog with Integrity

I joined. It makes sense. In short it means that what I write, I write out of passion for the topic, its my words, not someones press release. It means I am doing it for free, not on the take from anyone in exchange for blogging it here.

When I talk about programs I use in the production of my images it is because I own them and believe in them. Not that they were given to me nor have I been paid to review them.

As a member of the media I get invited to press events from a variety of entities. I seek out specific invites such as from the auto manufacturers because I love cars and shooting them. I'm not paid to attend these events nor am I told what opinion or review to give them. What you read are my own thoughts on the subject and more often than not will go to explaining how I got to the final image rather than a specific review of a car. (The specific reviews usually show up over at Metblogs if I have a specific link to Los Angeles that would warrant the post there).

I don't plan on ever taking a "free" program offer in exchange for a review. Of course I can't say never, but in the event that it would happen I'd divulge that information in the opening paragraph. There is a difference between editorial, advertising, advermonials and I owe it to the reader to explain should I ever go on the take. I won't, but at least you know if I do go to the dark side I'll warn you in advance.

Part of the pledge I signed to blog with integrity also includes treating others with civility. That means never attack someone for their ideas, rather disagree with the idea with facts and own opinion on the topic.

I'm a free speech advocate. I do have to mention comments here. If you don't stay on topic or try to spam me with your own site or business opportunity stuff I will delete the comments. Comment policy here is it stays on topic and is civil. End of story.

The words you see here will always be my own. Typos and all. I'll stand behind them and eat them if needed.

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