Monday, August 31, 2009

Autochrome duplication closer thanks to google

This weekends Art Walk gave me a bit of a surprise. What sold was the few new pieces done ala Autochrome. This energized me to keep digging and hope that I get closer to duplicating the look and feel of them in the digital realm.

I don't know why I didn't check google first for a "recipe" to duplicate the Autochrome in photoshop, but I could have saved myself some time. A quick search yielded a nifty for CS4 version on how I can duplicate the look. You can find the linkHERE. It works pretty well and got me closer to what I wanted than before.

What they did that I hadn't been doing was adding a few layers with noise before adding in the changes to a color layer. In all am very satisfied with the results. It still doesn't give the dark black spots and splotches of the original, but it is overall a very acceptable result. To get maximum effect you can click on the pictures here for larger versions.

I am pleased with the progress. The debate on how I want to proceed still rages in my head. Do I shoot with classic images such as used here that are "timeless" in their nature and look like the subject matter of the originals or should I move forward and shoot what I see now and document it in the look of an Autochrome. Until the smoke and haze of the current fires go away I won't be out shooting so I have time to solve that debate.

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