Saturday, February 21, 2009

Nothing screams spring like a Daffodil

Since I was a little kid in the UP of Michigan nothing has screamed spring like the arrival of the daffodils, sometimes even popping up through the remnants of the winters snow.  That bright yellow blossom with its trumpet wide open seemed to just scream spring and alert us to the coming warm days.  

Of course in LA we get our spring way earlier than the rest of the country.  Even better daffodils are completely low maintenance and naturalize to our climate.  All we need to do is plant bulbs once, cut off the dead blossoms and just let them sit.  I like that kind of gardening.

This shot was done in the Orton style.  I did shoot bracketed in RAW.  I post processed the raw file adjusting the color depth and temperature.  The final image when dumbed down to jpeg was run through virtual photographer to bring about the look and feel of a Kodachrome and to remove the cyan cast since most of the image was in "open shade".

Has anyone else noticed that digital recording media seems to lend much more "blue" to the shadows than traditional silver based media?  

Regardless of the question or how I got here, enjoy Daffodil and think of the warm spring days to come~


Anonymous said...

You think the daffodils are loud, you oughtta hear the apple blossoms.

frazgo said... one silly blogger, glad you are in my circle to bring the odd smile.