Wednesday, October 04, 2006

silly camera...serious imagery

Back in the day, specifically my SIU-C years there were 2 camps in the photo department. The fine-art group and the commercial group. I walked the fence on both though technically my focus at the time was the commercial side. Getting a BS sounded better was the logic at the time.

There was a movement way back then to use a camera called the "Diana" which took horribly crude photo's. The fine art group ran with it and did some really amazing things with it. Flash forward some 25 years and I found its replacement the"Che-ez" by Snap. Horrible color rendition, horrible contrast, poorly fixed focus on a plastic lens but it never leaves my belt loop. Always on the ready for what strikes my fancy as I meander through life.

It really suits my impressionistic exploration in some ways better than the EOS 20D I usually use on my shoots.

Today I happened by a local landmark, actually a pretty slick icon from Route 66's hey day getting rehabbed. Much of the building is getting painted its original colors...the sign, neon of course, is still untouched. Add in a few clouds and the whole man vs nature thing is up there to explore. Since I always have the Che-ez on my belt loop I snapped of a few frames.

Enjoy "hotel"...worked over images from the Che-ez.

P.S....stay tuned as I have still not decided which image will be donated for the silent auction this week to benefit art education the Monrovia Schools. Will post here once I decide.

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