Friday, October 06, 2006

Art from the Heart

As sappy as it may be but I firmly believe that sharing your art is as important as making a buck. Its about giving back to the community.

This weekend is the Monrovia Art Festival Association's biggest event and fund raiser. MAFA is a non-profit that donates its proceeds every year towards art education in the public schools. I firmly believe that art is a communication tool that children need as much as any other tool they are given in school. With art being cut from the elementary schools in California I am very proud to be a part of the group that earns money to give these kids this important tool. (MAFA has given nearly 100K to fund art education over the last several years).

So....this year I am donating "Old Rose" from my watercolors collection for the auction at the "Celebrate the Arts" taking place this weekend, October 7 - 8, in Library Park in "Old Town Monrovia".

"Old Rose" started as a digital image. I pulled out the rose, worked it out to soften lines and create a painterly effect, changed the background to make the rose pop better, reassembled the image and printed it on soaking wet watercolors paper. The final image is different than what you see here as the inks do float, bleed when printed giving a very painterly effect.

Enjoy the image, if you are in the park this weekend look me up!

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