Saturday, October 14, 2006

I was framed I tell ya!

Pun intended. The show last weekend was terrific. Not often you get to see first hand someone's reaction to your work first hand and non stop.

I was very excited that a lot of my newer works were hitting home and stopping people in their tracks, drawing them into my space for closer inspection. All told by the end of the weekend I know that the meandering path of exploring styles and exploiting the digital image is working for someone besides me. That kind of feedback is priceless. Very motivating when you have that kind of feedback.

Why so long to write in here again? Well I picked up 3 commissions for larger images of what I was showing. The first is framed and ready for delivery to the Balder family in Temecula. It is a large sized print (just under 24X36 inches) of one of my favorite images. It struck a cord with them as they both grew up in Arizona and it reminded them of where they came from. The piece is "Mt Charleston Storm" and it was posted here earlier this summer. A piece I am most pleased with and certainly gains a lot in a very large format print. for some new stuff very soon as I was invited by the director of Graphics and Printing at Santa Anita Racetrack to go in and just shoot to my hearts content, the horses and the art deco structure at the place. She saw my work at the show and liked it enough to extend the invitation. Wahoo...does it get better than this?

Stay tuned as soon as I finish up the commissions I am out shooting again!

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