Sunday, January 10, 2016

Ruminating at LAX

Free wifi is nice even if they limit it AND it's hard to connect to. This Boingo hotspot is ok for light surfing and general Words with Friends bs. After that...forget about it.

Normally one swelters at the airport. Not here today. Doors are open and there's a cold damp breeze by good old gate 53b. Jacket I packed is for below freezing Detroit so even if I could get to it, why bother ad I would be overheated in no time with that thing here. 

I'm impatiently waiting for a flight that's been delayed by half an hour. No reason given which makes it frustrating. 

Commute gawds smiled on me today. Add in TSA precheck and I made it from home to gate in 55 minutes. Certainly nothing to complain about. I remember another trip last summer that took 2.5 HOURS.   

I may update here from along the way in Detroit for their auto show. Providing my hosts at Ford give us a little free time  to write during the day. 

Life as a "Digital Influencer" is fun...except for killing time at airports. C

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