Wednesday, March 03, 2010

Three images from Manifest Equality...

Three HDR images that I did while at the Manifest Equality exhibit in Hollywood. (Gads, do I really live here, pinch me sometimes I find it hard to believe I'm in such a vibrant city).

All three were shot with the intention of doing HDR images. I started by bracketing the exposure +/- 2 stops then using the subsequent RAW files to be combined into an HDR image with Photomatix. The same program did the tonemapping which I used adjusted to have great detail across the tone range by adjusting the microcontrast to the max. In the two outdoor images I ran them through Virtual Photographer to get rid of the slight blue/cyan cast caused by the blue sky interacting with the shadows. Voila...three images from a show that left me speechless. (All the details on the show over at metblogs).

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