Monday, January 25, 2010

Yikes...3 months passed

Nope. Didn't forget this blog. Actually it has weighed heavily on my mind. Why? I've got a block just like a "writers block". I am in a quandary as to what I want to explore next and nothing seems to grab my attention. Arghhh....I may just force myself to do an image a day until I break through to the next area of exploration.

Today would have been the start date but I hit a snag. I committed the cardinal sin of digital photography. I didn't install the freshly charged battery in the camera and arrived at the river with no functioning good camera. Just the trusty cell phone camera which I used to grab a couple of quick pics including the one here. More tomorrow providing it isn't raining, or should I venture out in the rain?

In show news I've been invited to be a showing artist at the Sierra Madre Art Festival in May. I think I'll do that.

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