Sunday, October 18, 2009

HDR and the OC Auto Show...'nuff said

Love them cars. Enough to start an auto blog. Naming it is the question. "FrazGOES" is used over at metblogs and already has a snazzy logo. I considered "auto meanderings" and decided that wasn't quite right. Suggestions from facebook friends suggested "frazgo-agogo", and "frazgo goes". Ideas from you?

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Browne Molyneux said...

I like frazgo-agogo though I would change it to fraz agogo. You could have a sort of 60s theme: cigarettes, martinis, reference old movie chase scenes and occassionally dress up like James Bond and stand by cars. You could have a little section for car clubs and meet up dates.

That would be awesome, but don't tell anyone I gave you that suggestion. I have reputation of being anticar that I need to