Wednesday, December 17, 2008

I gots me a logo, a really cool professional logo

As the resident carnut-gearhead-lover of all things with 4 wheels, rubber and chrome over at Metblogs they decided rather than dissuade me from doing more on cars make me the defacto car guy, or at least LA car-guy.  I am totally jazzed and humbled that they thought enough of my stuff to give me this privilege.  The logo frazGOES itself is kinda neat and a fun play on my screen name and what one does in a car.  

To that end Lucinda Michelle our city captain hooked me up with her significant other Seth Dowling for the log design.  The results are awesome.  Seth does all sorts of very slick graphics but he Blogs as well at Unventure.  If you want to talk to him about your own logo and graphics contact him directly at .

Back to the logos themselves.  Both are similar.  The lower has a little smoke and flame action on the "fraz" part whereas the top its all flames only at the "o" or tire.  Upper or lower which is your fave?

Of course at the end of the day what I get out of the deal is more photo ops with cars and a chance to annoy the metblogs readers one keystroke at a time.  

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Cafe Observer said...

FM, I can see your 1st female luv is the auto.
That's a hot logo.