Friday, May 09, 2008

Things are going to be coming through a little slow

Just when you are on a roll things can go sideways. Tuesday sitting traffic some crazy old guy rearended me. HARD. Then for good measure he backed up and gunned it again ramming me hard a second time. Basic neck and back sprain/strain. I won't die and its proving out my brothers theory "we're like can't get rid of us easy". It will slow me down a bit so do don't expect a lot of rapid fire stuff like I had been doing. (The circle is around c5 subluxation that is causing the neck problems).

Pics in my flickr set "I has car wreck" named in honor of the Lol cats.


Anonymous said...

RE Enterprise Rent a car

You can get a 6 pack Cadillac DTS from them cheaper than an SUV. That is what I had while the Civic was in the shop earlier this year (35 days). The 6th seat up front is optional, but they are in 08 inventory.
By the looks of the BMW and the trans you took to theMS
D you will be UMBI Or UIMBI?


Travis (♀) said...

Ouch!! I hope you feel better soon, Fraz. Sorry you got smooshed.

frazgo said...

I'll live all these weeks later I am on the mend for a while longer