Thursday, May 01, 2008

Still running down the orton path this week

This morning I took advantage of the cool air, brilliant warm sun and no fires in the area by taking a walk through Duarte and Monrovia. I shot most all bracketed as I do a lot of HDR processing.

I have to admit that I am totally digging the orton effect being recreated in the digital realm. I found a new method with CS2 on flickr and worked with it some. I think the results are much closer to the orton I remembered.

Creating these I opened a raw file for max data and adjusted the "normal exposure" then opened and saved as a no compression jpeg. I duplicated the layer the went to filter>other>high pass and used a fairly high ratio. Then I took that layer and adjusted the blur but going to filter>blur>gaussian blur and used a moderate ration of 15-30. Then I went to adjust>brightness and lightened it up approx 1 stop.

The blending I used was "multiply". Then I flattened the image. A final correction with adjustments>levels then tweaked the highlight and shadow ranges. This was then put through virtual photographer to bring colors closer to what one would have found on Kodachrome printed on the old Cibachrome pos-to-pos print material.

It sounds like a lot of steps but after a few times I got the flow and it goes pretty fast. It still takes longer to resize for here and flickr before saving and posting somewhere.

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