Thursday, April 03, 2008

Wish you could smell it but spring is here

Did you ever notice that some smells can transport you back to another time and place so vividly you'd swear you were right there right now? For me the lilac does just that. The scent transports me back to our back yard in Iron River, Michigan and 1st grade all over again. When they bloomed we knew that spring was solidly in place and only days before school was out for the summer. I still remember just climbing into the tree and being surrounded by the purpley-pinks and that heavenly scent. Nice to have those journey's every now and then.

Simple photo was post processed from RAW through Virtual Photographer to bring about the more saturated warn look of an old Kodachrome film. Nice to be able to emulate those old silver based films and bring that emotional feel to the digital realm.

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