Friday, August 21, 2015

Orbs floating in air...

Its all about having fun with framing...when you don't have a client with a storyboard close by giving direction.

This image is from the grounds at the Clautiere Vineyard in Paso Robles.  We, the lovely Mrs and I, used this winery as our starting spot on our whirlwind tour of East Valley wineries at the suggestion of an old friend and his partner.  What a great wine, fun tasting manager and more importantly a tasting room done up like the mad hatters place on acid replete with adult playroom.  Too.  Much.  Fun.

In their courtyard next to the parking area and the tasting room there's this giant orb nestled under an old coast live oak.  From its branches are more orbs, some with dangly bits.  Its whimsy in the vineyards.  I could have shot this perfectly level or perpendicular but it would have lost its dynamic tension.  A careful step around and twist of the camera puts the orbs in alignment and everything else askew.  Better composition and just a little hint at the twist of things to come in the tasting room.

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