Thursday, April 09, 2015

Dusting off the password...a bit of celebrating today

I suppose tis quite the accomplishment to do that in 8 years with just ART and "blogging on the fly..." stuff as opposed to porn.  I don't kid myself, a friends ex specializes in raunch porn his trying to pass off as vintage and he does a million in 3 months.  But I took the higher road and did it my way, the way I always do.  True to myself.  True to those that follow me, never raunch for sake of views.

I'm still blogging everywhere, but here.  I do shoot often, love my newish EOS 60D from Canon, it does some pretty amazing stuff, but its still just a tool that enables me to create images.  I know when I resort for techniques sake things suffer.  In the end its about stunning images, not how you got there.

Recently we took the fam down behind the Orange Curtain for a day of whale watching.   Something you just can't do here in the SGV.  By far my favorite tour company for that is Dana Wharf Sport Fishing and Whale Watching in Dana Point.  Their crew works well with other boats to  ensure you see a whale, or two, or dolphins to make your trip memorable.  Often they have a Marine Biologist on board and they give you a ton if information and trivia on what you are seeing to make the trip even more fun.  Worth the trip.  Been with them twice now and both times were pretty amazing.

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