Tuesday, January 21, 2014

Hell nearly froze over

Its been a gut wrenching few weeks.  Ever since I was told by a major auto manufacturers rep that they weren't interested in car review as much as cars in lifestyle posts I've been reeling.  It really came down to "I can't do it".  Lifestyle bloggers take perks and write what they are told, not what they honestly believe.

Add in the perfect storm of google ads not paying the way they were supposed to and a huge increase in hosting fees I had to step back and do the "WHOA baby, this is insanity".  I killed SoCalAutoBlog as I couldn't morph in good conscious into a "daddy blogger" or similar life style.

So...though I'll still do cars, it will be for the art and documenting a piece of history.  I can't change the fact I love cars and all they've symbolized, good, bad and indifferent to our culture.

On to the art...

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