Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Sierra Sunset ala Autochrome

I do love the Sierra's.  I find them a great respite from the rigors of day to day stuff.  I shot this a couple of summers ago while on a trip to June Lake.  This was actually a trail off the main road to Mono Lake.  I loved the suns final ray shooting through the mountains before dusk settled into night.

I decided to do this one in the Autochrome look as I felt the painterly impressionistic results fit the image better than the simple RAW image would have given.

This took several steps, most of which I've outlined here in the past.  I do love the simplicity and WYSWYG preview results you get with Adobe's CS5.

I've got a show this spring and am debating what to do.  Should I present all "ala autochrome" or should I go with all "scanned hand painted negatives".  Hell, I can't even decide what one image I should submit to the LA Center of Digital Art for their "Unjuried" Show, which I just adore, in December.  What to do?  Create more is the answer and let the most powerful series be the choice.

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