Sunday, May 09, 2010

reworking a prior in CS5

I do believe am going to love the toolboxes in CS5. This gem started as a Photomatix generated HDR file but I did the tone mapping in CS5. Ultrareal was the approach and I liked it.

I have to admit I have a little OCD when working my files. I save each step of the way and code the step so I can go back to any point in time whenever I want to redo an image. That way I have a standardized start point and can rework the file until I have an image I like. Could explain why I filled up a terabyte external drive so fast....multiple files of the same starter image. Pays to back up externally as well as on DVD, just in case you have a multiple drive failure you still have a way to retrieve old files.

Sadly...the new machine doesn't have a "floppy drive" and I didn't back up any of the old files on floppy, but then again I doubt that I'd have much use for under 1megapixel files.

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