Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Oranges ala Orton...

Kind of getting back on track after a flare up of the dreaded CFS. I took this image at the new Monrovia Farmers Market that takes place on Sundays. Nice fresh produce and none of the swap meet atmosphere one gets at the Friday version. I like it much better.

The image is post processed in the Orton style that I detailed here earlier last year. Love the soft romantic look of the images that result.

Also...I got a new 'puter that is so much faster than the last. Its got the AMD Phenom Quad core 955 chip with a whopping 8 gigs of ram plus a host of other goodies. Since CS2 isn't entirely compatible with the new Windows7 OS am getting a copy of CS5, due to arrive next week, to take over with the post processing duties.

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