Sunday, November 09, 2008

Still strolling down the Orton Path

In a business park behind the Orange Curtain I spotted some new landscaping going in.  When I got close I was pleased to discover that it was small Magnolia trees going into the parking lot.  Imagine my surprise when I found there were actually blooms on the tree and here it is November!

This blossom was only beginning to open and it looked more like the gaping maw of some old dragon or "spice worm" rather than what would soon be a beautiful Magnolia Blossom.

This was shot in "open shade" which meant it had an overall blue cast.  I worked from the RAW file adjusting color balance and exposure.   I then used layers of increased saturation and blur to overlay recreating the old "Orton effect" that used to be done with silver based 'chrome films.

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