Friday, June 13, 2008

making a mess art...well sorta

I don't know what it is about this yard but the story behind it puzzles me. I've actually been by it hundreds of times and never paid much attention to the ever growing piles. What is wrong with the residents? Ill health? Packrats? What does the inside look like I wonder as well? Is this a giant swap meet waiting to happen? Why hasn't anyone stolen anything out of the yard. If someone did steal from the pile would anyone notice? Why hasn't code enforcement noticed it yet?

It certainly is unusual for the neighborhood. It was not what one would expect. It just begged to be made important and surreal. I think I did that more so with the opening image. The fence keeping it all in is just a nice touch.

These were shot bracketed, the RAW files combined via Photomatix HDR file generation. The HDR file was tonemapped using Photomatix. Virtual Photographer was then used to adjust the final image.

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Alessandra said...

I noticed on Tuesday that the front porch and lawn were a little more cleaned up (i.e., you could see them). It makes me sad because the actual house is quite nice.