Saturday, August 25, 2007

You never know what's going to be a hit....

A couple of my past favorite images actually wound up being the most commented on at the Meet and Greet last night at California Wine and Cheese. I'll be showing there another 2 weeks, if you want to go see it do so. If you would like to meet and discuss the work let me know as I am minutes away and able to take the time.

Thanks to all who came to support, old friends (Ruth and Coop), New friends (Will), old coworkers and new found artist pals. It was fun. The conversation about the art of photography vs the technical stuff was fun...thanks Coop.

The best part for me still is talking with people about what I do and learning what struck a cord with them. My series using a couple of different techniques to pay homage to the old Dutch Masters and their wonderful skies didn't escape anyone.

The surprise was that the group from Bodie still strike a cord with so many people. Natural lighting and capturing old building in their state of "arrested decay" has been something I've always enjoyed doing especially when I can convey its prior joi de vivre and human connection. (I have to admit the term "arrested decay" was coined by Will's friend who joined him on the Gold Line bike ride to the event but worth using, including as a tag). Nice to know something I do strikes a cord with so many especially when it's something I like doing.

Anyway, its another busy day in the space behind the garage. A few things to prep and get ready for tonight's Art Walk sponsored by the Monrovia Art Festival Association from 6:30 to 9:30 on Myrtle Avenue in the heart of Old Town. Map here.

Anyway enjoy "Henhouse Eggs" and "Final Game Done".


91024 said...

Love your work. Are you still installed at the Wine & Cheese place? If not where can I see your work?

frazgo said...

Thank you, and yes I am still up at CA Wine and Cheese. I will be up for another week or so. I may also have another “meet the artist” night” since my stay has been extended. If you want to set up a time to meet you there I would gladly talk to you in person about what my work is about and answer whatever questions you may have.