Friday, November 10, 2006

Relationships matter

Today at Santa Monica Pier I continued my exploration of manmade vs nature. What better place than an amusement park at the ocean (especially on an 80 degree day in November...Had to rub it in a bit as most of the US has winter this time of the year).

Seriously an amusement park is an terrific place to go for comparing what man does vs nature. In this environment structures take on extreme form and color creating drama. This is done to make things look faster and more exciting than they really are. Compare it to nature. Here there is sublety in the mid-day sky.

One such area that contrasts man and nature is at the roller coaster. There is the soft form of the flag being blown by a soft breeze against a brilliant sky contrasting these incredibly strong forms and vibrant colors on the coaster track. Its this contrast that intrigues the eye and gives me fodder for exploration.

For your viewing pleasure...."Flag"

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