Tuesday, October 22, 2013

falling off the grid

And it can't happen fast enough

Yes. Those are solar panels.  Yes,  Those are installed on my roof.  34 total generating some 11KW peak during the course of a bright summer day.

I didn't do it or environmental reasons. I did it to keep as much green as possible in my wallet.

Seriously, this year has been a wild one for us SCE customers.  We got hit with a huge rate increase and rate restructure that if you run much more than a 'fridge you are going to go into tier 4 at 34-freakin'-cents per kilowatt hour.  July, August and September fully 2/3 of my power bill was in tier 4, and I did it without trying.  Actually short of turning off the air we tested our mettle with much higher than usual temps in an effort to trim the bill but it didn't make much of a dent.  Solar was the answer as we can get our juice for a bit over half of what those turds at SCE charge.

If you want details or a referral to the company I went with drop me a note.


Pasadena Adjacent said...

I do - who did you go with? I'm thinking about it. I have a patio with a wood and beam roof. The roofing is tar and that rolled out stuff (mid-century). Perfect for panels except I'm concerned with the nails they use and would they go through the wood and be visible from the underside. Esthetics matter.


frank zgonc said...

After much discussion, research and interviews we went with Verengo. They listened to our concerns and addressed them all.
The quality of workmanship was top notch, our city inspectors are uber picky and they never found a thing to fuss over in terms of workmanship and engineering.
I am super happy with the results, and the fact that this time of year I'm putting considerably more power into the grid than I use building a credit for the hot months when we need to use A/C