Monday, February 13, 2017

Why I gave up on Instagram - It ain't hack proof

Its kind of a strange day here.  Frustrated, melancholy and just a little sense of loss.  I've given up on Instagram.  Its not that I don't enjoy ease of use of the app nor the ease of cross posting on multiple social media platforms.  Its not hack proof and after a month of dealing with .ru email addresses hijacking my account, they finally succeeded in completely taking over the account and locking me out.  Apologies if you were a follower and something inappropriate gets posted and makes it to your news feed.

It all started with a hack about a month ago.  I had to send a pic of me with a code word to Instagram and have my account verified.  After it was verified the hacks intensified, sometimes 2-3 times a day.  No matter how often I changed my password to gobbledy gook they still got in and took over the account.  I was usually able to go back through an email chain of notices and get it back.  This last hack there was no email notice and chance to reclaim.

Fortunately a follower reported my account hacked shortly after it happened and the account was shut down.  Getting it back will be a nightmare.

My recommendation to anyone who values their privacy and images DO NOT USE INSTAGRAM.  If you are on Instagram, consider deleting the account.  Serioiusly, its that bad.